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How to choose lighting for your home

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Lighting buyers guide

Lighting is a great way to transform any room. From bold and stylish pendants to warm and cozy lamps, our stunning collection includes ceiling lights, floor lamps, and lampshades, all available in-store and online.  There are two main things to think about when considering lighting for any room: having a lower level of lighting to create a flattering ambiance for when you want to relax and also having task-focused lighting for whatever you do in that space (reading, getting dressed, cooking, etc.).

Kitchen lighting

  • Island lighting for cooking tasks. Our Pendant lights or table light range is great for this.
  • Lighting over a kitchen table or breakfast bar. Something with style and statement looks great for this. 
  • Under-cabinet lighting for any worktops. 
  • Spotlights for brightening up the room when preparing food etc.

Dining Room lighting

  • Floor lights are also nice to brighten up a dark corner or to use as lower lighting when hosting. 
  • Statement pendant lights look great over any kitchen table and can really add style to any room.
  • Wall lights are nice for lower lever lighting to add a more relaxed feel. 


  • Floor lights and table lights are a great way of adding a more ambient feel to the room when the main lighting isn’t needed. 
  • Our ceiling lighting range and lampshades are also a great addition to any living room and can really add to a room.


  • A pendant light works well in the center of the room for a nice overall lighting.
  • Bedside lamps on either side of the bed are nice for reading. View our table lamp range here for some ideas.


  • Pendant lighting can be a great way to add a bit of jazz to a hallway and brighten up the space.
  • Wall lights or table lights are a great way of brightening up a corner or creating a more ambient lighting in spaces.

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