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What to look out for before buying a new washing machine

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Washing machine buyers guide

Could you live without your washing machine? A washing machine has become an essential household appliance, but how do you find the right one for you? It really does pay to do your research before you buy. This guide will help you choose the best appliance for you and will give you some tips of things to look out for when looking for a new appliance.

Choosing the right size

Washing machines usually come in a standard height and width, but the size of the drum often varies. See more information on drum sizes below.

Freestanding washing machine

If you want a machine that sits on it’s own a freestanding machine is a great option. You can place a freestanding machine anywhere there is space and a connection. 

Integrated washing machine

An integrated washing machine is one that sits under the counter behind a cabinet door. They are a great choice if you want to hide away your washing machine and have something that matches your kitchen or laundry room counters. 

Washer dryer

A washer dryer is a combination between a washing machine and dryer all in one appliance. This options comes in either freestanding or integrated. They are a great choice if you are looking to save space and don’t have enough space for two appliances. Although, some would argue that having separate appliances might be more efficient than one appliance. 

Choosing your drum size

This is one of the smallest drum capacities available. Great if you prefer to wash little and often. It’s the perfect size for a one or two-person household and can hold a single-sized duvet if needed. 

This size would probably fit a double duvet in. It is great for a medium-size family and is probably the most popular option for many families.

This drum would fit a king-size duvet in it. If you have a large family or need to wash larger items on a regular basis this size is the best for you. 

Look out for these features

Spin speed
The spin cycle removes water from your clothes at the end of the wash. Look out for a higher spin speed if you prefer not to wait so long for your clothes to dry. A higher spin speed can be more noisy though so remember to think about this.
Energy rating
The energy rating of a washing machine will tell you how much electricity and water the appliance uses. Ratings range from A-G with A being the best rating. If you choose a washing machine with a better rating, you may pay more initially but will save money on your energy bills in the long run.
Quick wash
If you need to do some last minute laundry this is a great option to have. This setting mean you can complete a wash in 15-30 minutes if needed. They are however best on a smaller load and a longer wash setting will clean your clothes better.
Some washing machines have a steam setting which allows the appliance to get very hot to get rid of bacteria and freshen up your clothes.
A smart appliance allows you to connect your washing machine with your phone or tablet through wifi. So if you want to turn on your machine whilst still sat on the sofa, you can. You can also check the progress of your wash from just a click of a button on your device.
Quiet motor
Some washing machines can be quite loud. If you’d prefer an appliance that doesn’t make such a racket, look out for one with a quieter motor.

Installation and delivery

Our helpful team here at Knees will advise you on the installation and delivery of your new machine. If you would like your old appliance removed and recycled, just get in touch and we can do this for you too. 

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