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ILVE Product Range

ILVE have one of the largest selection of range cookers on the market with sizes from 60cm all the way up to 150cm.

With a variety of collections which include contemporary, traditional or American styling, along with a choice of hob tops and oven configurations, the options are impressive. As well as choice, when you purchase an ILVE appliance, you will also have a digital, precision temperature control along with multi-function ovens with a setting to cook every dish perfectly.

Range Cookers

Cooker Hoods



We have four available styles which are custom built to your specification including the Milano, Roma, Majestic Milano and Majestic Roma. The Milano and Majestic Milano have a more traditional style, whereas the Roma and Majestic Roma have a more contemporary look. Each cooker has a variety of key features and functions and there are a wide range of widths including 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120c and 150cm.

Milano cookers are traditionally styled with embellished handles and control knobs as well as a curved window design.

Roma cookers have a contemporary style, with crisp clean lines and modern stainless steel handles and controls.

The Majestic combines Italian air and the style of an American size range cooker with an extended depth of 70cm. Each cooker features matching door trims, embellished handles and traditional style feet. The Majestic is perfect if you want a real statement appliance in your kitchen.

The stainless steel Modern hoods are designed to work in harmony with an ILVE range cooker. ILVE Modern range hoods are available in a wide selection of widths including 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm,120cm, 150cm.

The Classic stainless steel cooker hood is designed to work alongside ILVE range cookers and built in appliances. Classic range hoods are available in either 60cm , 90cm or 100cm widths.

The Majestic stainless steel cooker hood is designed to work alongside ILVE range cookers and built in appliances. Majestic range hoods are available in 70cm , 90cm, 100cm, 120cm or 150cm widths.

The collection of Traditional range hoods are powerful, energy efficient cooker hoods designed to work perfectly alongside your ILVE range cooker and come in a choice of sizes ranging from the petite 60cm wide cooker hood through to the 150cm wide cooker hood.

Traditional Hoods are available in a wide variety of matching ILVE colours ** including Stainless Steel, Matt Black, Cream, White, Burgundy, Green and Blue.

** Please note: AG80 and AG110 are only available in Stainless Steel.

The integrated cooker hood is designed to work alongside ILVE range cookers and built in appliances.  Integrated range hoods are available in 90cm, 120cm or 150cm widths.

Any single or double oven combination will provide you with plenty of space, even for large dishes. Each oven comes with a variety of functions, from quick oven preheating, grilling with the door closed to mimicking a pizza oven. 

Whatever oven or combination you choose, with ILVE you have plenty of space to cook even the larger dishes; the 60cm oven has an internal volume of 65 litres, while the 80cm model reaches a capacity of 97 litres.

Choose your hob configuration based on your style of cooking. There are five hob configurations to choose from including: Burners, Fry Top, Full Induction Hob, Coup De Feu and the possibility of combination Gas and Hob.

ILVE understands that every cook uses their appliance in a way which is unique to them. To get the very best out of your cooker, ILVE offer an extensive range of hob options, with some unique combinations.

Why Choose ILVE?

About ILVE

ILVE have been building beautiful cooking appliances for over 50 years. Using the latest methods in precision engineering and on-going technical research into cooking science, ILVE are at the forefront of the industry. Established as one of the finest manufacturers of cooking products worldwide, ILVE provide efficiency, functionally, and specialised cooking to the modern home. Located near the magnificent Italian city of Venice, ILVE products are assembled by hand from the finest materials.

ILVE Brand Vision

ILVE offer an extensive collection of both range cookers and built-in appliances. Built with an exceptionally high level of detail, reliability and functionality, ILVE showcase an impressive selection of products. With a choice of styles, colours and sizes, you’re sure to find an appliance suitable for your home.

For over 50 years ILVE (pronounced ILL-VAY) has been building beautiful cooking appliances using the very latest methods in precision engineering. Through their dedication to ongoing technical research and the latest innovations in cooking science, ILVE products are continuously at the forefront of design, eciency and functionality. With a modern factory located near Venice in Italy, ILVE products are made from only the best materials and are individually hand-assembled.

Quality Assurance

To provide ILVE customers with peace of mind, your new appliance comes with a 2-year warranty.

Our store staff are experts in the ILVE brand. They are both knowledgeable and up to date with the latest ILVE product training, allowing us to provide you with personal advice on the product range. We have a wide range of appliances including range cookers, cooker hoods, ovens and hobs in both our Trowbridge and Malmesbury stores where our staff can help and guide you to find the best product for your needs.

If you’re shopping for ILVE appliances in West Wiltshire, including Warminster, Westbury, Trowbridge, Bradford-on-Avon and the surrounding areas, visit us in store to speak to a member of our team. Alternatively, you can shop online and we deliver to mainland UK for a small fee using our delivery partners. With our Price Match Promise you can be sure that we offer competitive pricing.